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Streetwyze is a map based platform that is used for connecting people at ground level. The platform provides the ability for users to share their views about the both minor and major things that are existing in their neighbourhood as well as report for any possible improvements required. People have the ability to provide their opions on these reviews and communicate with others to make their surroudings better and comfortable to live in.

Commit Labs helped in the improvement of the overall platform by making it more secure, upgrading the frameworks and following the latest conventions of CI/CD to make development and deployment process easier. We have also provided and are in the process of implementing archiecture improvements to make the platform more sociallly interactive and friendly with more emphasis on media based data instead of pages of text.

Some of the third-party integrations in this project include Amazon S3 with Cloudfront, Geocoder, Sidekiq, Elasticsearch, Twilio and Google maps and Circle CI.

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