Technology Stack

  • Rails 4.2.x/Ruby 2.1.5
  • AngularJS 1.4.0
  • PostGres Database
  • Java language (Native Andriod) for Android devices
  • Objective-C language for iOS
  • Deeplinks implementation
  • Pubnub for notifications/Locations services

Key Features

  • Heavily customisable and flexible back-end Integration of StarWeb printer to print order tickets
  • Online payment gateway integration
  • Order management and Delivery tracking
  • QR Code integration
  • Customisable price modifiers and constraints on orders for every merchant.
  • Customisable styling file upload able from merchant web for every merchant.
  • Timed order and timed slots for online ordering.
  • Integration with Parcify for delivery tracking
  • Report and statistics generation with download as pdf option.
  • Merchants Menu & Order placement functionality.
  • EMS, Fireball and Mollie payment methods.
  • QR code scanner to place an order from table.
  • Loyalty points given to consumers based on orders.
  • Searching of merchants based on nearby, cuisine and location.
  • Multilingual Implementation
  • Social media integration.
ClientGeert Janssen
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